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Providing legal services, whether for businesses or individuals, focuses
on solving the issue presented. A solid knowledge of the facts of a situation
and the legal issues involved is essential. We feel it is important to listen
to our client's concerns and goals and form a practical solution to the issue.
A single approach to a particular type of legal matter does not fit all needs.
We strive to structure our legal services based upon our client's specific
goals and the requirements of the particular case. Our clients are encouraged
to contact us during the course of a particular legal matter with any concerns,
suggestions or requests they may have. We can only effectively serve our
clients if we know of their particular desires and needs.




Our law firm generally bills for
legal services to our clients based upon time spent at the firm's ordinary
hourly billing rates. Certain matters are billed on a flat fee basis, such as
simple wills and residential real estate closings. Contingent fee contracts are
available for personal injury, products liability, and wrongful death cases.
All new clients are requested to execute an Attorney-Client Engagement
Agreement. Acceptance of legal services after receipt of an Attorney-Client
Engagement Agreement constitutes acceptance of the terms of said Agreement by
the Client.




All legal matters are handled by our office based on a policy of strict
confidentiality. We will not divulge matters you impart to us to others within
the limits of the law. Original documents that clients transmit to us will be
returned to those clients upon request. However, copies of all documents and
files of the firm are maintained for a period of seven (7) years, for the
purpose of documenting the legal services we provide to clients and to be
available for future use.




We represent clients without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation,
national origin, religion or marital status.




In many cases, the rights of an individual to pursue a claim will expire
after a certain period of time pursuant to the applicable statute of
limitations. This usually means that a proper claim must be filed following all
legal prerequisites before the time period elapses. The applicable statute of
limitations varies with the specific type of legal claim. All persons are
strongly advised to immediately consult with and retain legal counsel of their
choice with regard to any legal claim they may have to allow for their claim to
be properly filed in a timely manner.


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